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Parents Against Dog Chaining (formerly known as Mothers Against Dog Chaining) is an initiative of Dogs Deserve Better, an organization working to bring dogs into the home and family. Chaining a dog for life makes him or her more territorial, more aggressive, and less socialized with humans, especially children.

Parents are joining together in this outreach to stop chaining for the sake of the children. To take a pack animal, in need of love and socialization, and subject it to a life of neglect and isolation leaves us with a live grenade just waiting for a small child to step into it's path. If this grenade—fueled by restless energy, anger and frustration— explodes, our children pay the price, and often with their life.

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Between October 2003 and February 2015, there have been at least 398 children killed and/or seriously injured by chained dogs in this country. To see the lastest updates, visit our Attacks on Children section. We believe there are many, many more that go unreported by newspapers, therefore making it harder for us to find out the information. If you know of a child injured by a chained or penned dog, please e-mail with information, links, photos when possible.

The Parents Against Dog Chaining initiative debuted June 13th, 2005, at a meeting of county commissioners in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. This is the very county where Makayla Sinclair lost her life in October of 2003. Since that time, two additional children have lost their lives in this same county—Isaiah Smith in September 2004 and Asia Turner in May, 2005—however, the council has so far refused to consider even discussing a chaining ban.

Parents Against Dog Chaining was there, along with Speak for Animals, to present our views to the press, the council and the citizens of this county. The deaths of these children are too important to ignore. View photos/read articles from the demo.

If you are a mother or father of a child seriously injured or killed by a chained dog, we need your help! Make sure this doesn't happen to others. Write us an article about your experience, and take your message to the public. Join our cause!

If you are a mother or father and understand the pain involved in this, please, stand with us wherever you are, for the sake of both our children and our dogs. Bring us to your local city or county commissioners meeting to discuss this issue. Donate your time or become a member to bring this issue the attention it deserves.

Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. is a 501c3 national nonprofit organization.Parents Against Dog Chaining is currently a program of Dogs Deserve Better, and as such all donations are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines. All funds donated to the Parents Against Dog Chaining program will initially go into the DDB general fund account; however, they will be earmarked and used for Parents Against Dog Chaining materials and campaigns.

Special thanks to Emily Pennel, who faithfully catalogs attacks on her informative chained dog site,

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